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Is 3 cats too many

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I believe it’s time to rewatch breaking bad

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I’ll let you in between the seams.

It’s a little messy, not easy to format this kinda thing on my phone, hopefully you get it anyway. I wonder when I wrote this.

1. I empty this hurt onto paper
thin skin, breaking under the power of my love and my sin
2. when my heart can no longer stand
against my brutish mind, when
3. the bear and burden of my travels
harbor seeds of a revenge divine, dividing
4. the crossroads crumbled in my hands
standing naked in an audience with everything I am
5. tucked into my pocket standing still for you to see, for you to throw your waves and ribbons
6. all the options, all the endless new beginnings
I’ve been blessed enough to disregard, enough to surrender, my
7. have been tossed into the air.
I’m not worthy of your praise and I’m wary of your glares.
8. I am the wicked and the open, a heartless love affair.
a living breathing nightmare.
9. Lone wolves know a howl to my
whine, they know true wreckage, they know the blame is mine. but a cry to my
10. creator is a bellow of despair.
It’s a begging, pleading echo while I’m pulling out my hair.
11. I keep my heart behind my armor I tuck
my hands into my sleeves,
12. the pain between the stares
is the pain that’s shaking me.

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One day without it

and the thoughts begin to flood,
pouring over my bones like a sickly
skin, fading the red of my blood until
I go pale, until I go blind.
My mind goes wild with imagination, vivid images of maroon skies and a galaxy slide.
Hovering over hell and dreaming of heaven, a likely companion of mine lingers in the background noise
Grabbing my wrists and forcing me onto his bed
Licking my lips and whispering in my ear that he is not moving a muscle until I get myself right
You may be here for a while, honey, there’s no God
I want to push him away and pull him in deeper. I want to watch the world die until my own bones are weakened.
I need to stay above water so I keep myself breathing.

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