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No, I’m not thinking about tomorrow

Because I could have died today.
I’m all of my futures and I am still in
What is this game we play, so long, so steadily constricting?
Is this all a figment or should I try to be uplifting?

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We are grains of sand

Each of us waiting to be stepped on and molded to make castles and
To burn our feet when we try to walk along the asphalt that makes us stop
At the red sign that screams those four letters in vain, “stop”, we don’t need to
Stop for you, we do not need to stop for a heartache that makes fun of grief we need nothing but a glass of wine and a good nights sleep

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You will never see again.

You will not feel our love, our arms wrapped around your frame
Your open arms, your scholarly mind
Your gentleman mentality.
You were and are so beautiful to me.

Rest in the sweetest peace and we will love you endlessly. I will miss you forever.

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